Week 113 Theme: '5 Minute Hero'

A crime has happened in 5 minutes. Need a hero to solve
this crime. 

ASWD, Arrows: movement, timeline shuffling
Space bar: interact with objects


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Dang nice! This would be a cool mobile game, reminds me of Sin City

Nice job! I had some trouble figuring out what to do with the timeline but I got it in the end.  The aesthetic is great.

Great art and a really cool concept that I would love to see expanded into something bigger and more complex!

Nice aesthetic and a cool little game.

Ah, I'm loving the aesthetic thus far, and the crow joke lol. Nice charming dialogue. I can't figure out how to get to the timeline, though, after I interacted with everything :( Am I missing something?

Clicking on the timeline icon works. But it took me a few tries to open the timeline. Maybe the hitbox for the icon is really small? Try clicking at the bottom of the icon.

Ah, got it. Thank you!